What natural sausage casing is and why eat it

Natural sausage skins are the only casing for 100% natural sausages. They come from the intestines of animals reared and monitored on farms approved and certified by the EU.

Making them involves following some rigorous processes: first, a thorough cleaning, followed by (in the case of small intestine) extraction of the mucosa and the serosa layer. This leaves the submucosa, a tube made of 100% natural collagen which gives the permeability and osmotic quality that can only be achieved with natural casings.


Then we classify them by calibre and size to be sure that they will meet our customers’ needs. They are salted to preserve them, either with dry salt or by steeping in a salt solution.

The advantages are:

- A 100% natural product, a factor which influences consumers’ purchasing choices
- an attractive, quality end product
- the permeability necessary for our sausages to breathe
- an osmotic quality which allows and exchange of aromas between the inside and outside, such as smoking and the flavours that come from cooking
- a unique texture in the mouth which cannot be imitated by other types of casing.