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Productes naturals de tripnet: vísceres i tripes de xai, porc i vaca

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Natural casings are the only packaging for 100% natural sausages. They come from the intestines of animals raised and controlled on farms approved and certified by the EEC.


Tripes de xai, vaca i porc de Tripnet


Vísceres de vaca, imatge de l'estòmac de vaca

Benefits of natural casings

Infografia fulles beneficis tripes naturals

100% natural product. Excellent for its condition of unprocessed product and for tits visual aspect, that contributes to the finished product, which are positive attributes that directly influence the choice of purchase of the final consumer.

Infografia beneficis tripes naturals Tripnet

Unique mouthfeel in the bite, irreplaceable by other unnatural guts.

Infografia beneficis tripes naturals

Proper permeability that allows the product to acquire aromas of spices or smoke, as well as mixtures of flavors in case the product is cooked.