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At Tripnet we are specialists in natural pork, cow and lamb casings.

Our activity corresponds to the cleaning, scraping and calibration of the own pig intestines, for his commercialization both in the national and international market.


Tripnet was set up by a young team with the cooperation of Friselva, SA, an abattoir and cutting room founded in 1975, in order to take advantage of its experience in the meat industry. Tripnet, SL is part of the Agrocàrnic group, set up in 1963, with wide experience and the parent company for a group of businesses dedicated to the whole process in the hog sector, from breeding to marketing the full range of products and derivatives.



To provide a quality, consistent, competitive product to satisfy all our customers.



To cement our position on the market with a product which is a benchmark for quality and competitiveness, with the aim of expanding our catalogue to be able to supply a wider variety with packing systems for sausages.

Our main distinctive feature is that we control the whole process from slaughter, cleaning and stripping through to final calibration, giving us complete control over quality and traceability.



To do a good job as a team by improving day by day in terms of our production processes, the environment and human resources.