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Fatend is the name given to the end of the pig’s fat belly.Fatend is the name given to the end of the pig’s fat belly.

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Fatend casing is the final part of the pig’s large intestine. The casing is scraped, salted and grouped by size and length. Placed in plastic netting to form skeins.

In the case of fatend sausage, the thickness can vary from 45 to 70 mm and allows the sausage to dry more slowly.

The larger size of the sausage requires a different curing process to that of other chorizos and salchichones.

All our casings are natural and of 100% Spanish origin and top quality. We obtain the pork casings from our own production, suitable for both the national and international markets.

The degreasing, cleaning and salting process is carried out in our approved slaughterhouses. And the calibration and packaging in our calibration centre.

Additional Information

65 cm


from 45/50 up to 65/70mm


hanks of 10 units


plastic bag in a food drum with salt and brine